Many Thanks to the AHC Family

posted on 11/26/11

Romans 16:3-5 “Greet… my helpers in Christ Jesus: Who have… laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles.”

On this occasion of AHC’s 10th anniversary, I want to say “Thank you.”

First, a thank you to all our guests today. Thank you to first time visitors; thank you to returning friends. We may not see you in our regular services but you’ll always be in our hearts.

To name everyone who has contributed to make this milestone possible in our journey would be an impossible task. (Not because I’m getting older and losing my memory… yeah… that’s probably the real reason!)

To list everything that everyone has done to make this milestone possible is also an impossible task, but I will try.

I know that what you have done has been done primarily for the Lord. But the church family has received the benefits of your service. One day the Lord will reward you according to your labors

Today, I want to say: Your service has not gone unseen; your work has not gone unappreciated; and your sacrifices have not gone unvalued.

Today, on behalf of my wife Gloria, and on behalf of all the souls that have benefited from your sacrificial service, Thank you.

Thank you for attending our services, thank you for getting up on your day off to come to church, thank you for coming to Bible study and prayer time on Thursdays, when I know you’d rather be in your recliner watching Storage Wars!

Thank you for participating in our services. Thanks for every “Amen,” thanks for your contribution in our discussions, thank you for singing (or at least lip-syncing).

Thank you for making the coffee, thank you for emptying the coffee pot and washing it after the service, thank you (Danny) for drinking massive amounts of coffee so we had less to throw away.

Thank you for inviting others. Churches are built through word of mouth and your personal testimony of what the church means to you. Thanks for actually bringing people to church with you.

Thank you for greeting guests. Thanks for making newcomers feel welcome. Thank you for creating relationships among yourselves. Sometimes before, after, or between services, I find myself alone as you are fellowshipping with each other. This means a lot to me…. especially when I check and make sure I have put on my deodorant! Churches become strong through relationships between members.

Thank you to those who walk to church. Thanks to those who drive two blocks to church, thanks to those who drive from the other side of town, and thanks to those who drive from other towns to get to church!

Thank you for your financial contributions. Thank you for your gifts that have made our property completely debt-free, thanks for your gifts that keep the lights and water on, thanks for what you are giving to make possible a new facility for our future. Whether it’s a dime, a dollar, a check, a brick of gold, or whatever you have given, you have made the last ten years possible. Thank you for all you have done to make our fund raisers successful.

Thank you for every act of service: thank you for landscaping, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, hanging signs, etc. Thank you for running out the squirrels! Thank you for decorating for weddings, renewals, quincenerias, and other events. Thank you for cooking, barbequing, bringing tea, cakes, bringing sodas, water, ice, SALAD (Debbie).

Thank you for staying after events and cleaning up and hauling off the trash.

A Thank you goes out to all the Friends of AHC. There’s some in attendance today that pray for us, support us, and encourage us. Behind the scenes there are people that make this ministry possible. Thank you.
Thank you for wanting to be a part of AHC. I know that you pass scores of churches on your way to AHC, but you have chosen to be a part of us. Thank you.

I know other churches are larger (few have larger pastors than AHC!) and have more programs, and yet you have made the choice to help build a church. Thank you.

I have said and will repeat today, you should want to be here. If your heart’s not in it, it’s best to not be a hypocrite. I believe that’s what you believe. So your genuine participation means the world to me. Thank you.

And last (those are the church member’s favorite two words: “and last”), thank you for letting me be your pastor. Thank you for allowing Gloria and I, the privilege to be a part of your life and a part of your family. Thanks for letting us pray with you, thanks for letting us perform your weddings, renewals, and quincenerias. Thanks for letting us present your babies to the Lord. Thanks for allowing us to teach you what God is teaching us.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey. Our greatest days are ahead. Our most exciting memories are yet to be made. The best is yet to come.

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