Halloween: It Is What It Is

posted on 10/30/11

Is Halloween the devil’s day?

Is it a sin to “trick or treat?”

Is wearing a costume or mask satanic?

Are Halloween parties a front for demonic rituals?

As a pastor with 27 years of experience, I have received hundreds of questions like these. Today, I hope to put these and similar questions to rest.

When it comes to anything like the aforementioned items, remember this five-word phrase: It is what it is.

A Bart Simpson mask is what it is: a Bart Simpson mask.

Candy is what it is: candy.

Bobbing for apples is what it is: bobbing for apples.

A party is what it is: a party.

Playing pretend or make believe is what it is: playing pretend or make believe.

Having fun with friends is what it is: having fun with friends.

And, being a party pooper is what it is: being a party pooper.

If you read more into the festivities of the season, that’s your prerogative. In my opinion, I believe that’s a very unhealthy insertion.

My advice: lighten up.

And… have a blessed day!



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