October 27, 2012

Why You Should Not Quit, or
How To Keep Going When You Don’t Want To

Intro: Some things you should quit (examples: abusive relationship, living in an unsafe apartment complex, a job that doesn’t pay the bills, etc.)  When quitting things you should quit, there is a right time to quit.  (That’s another study for another time.)

1. Realize the feelings of wanting to quit are common.  (Even Jesus in Garden: “let this cup pass”)  Your “wanting to quit” feelings mean you have a case of the “normals.”

2. Think about those counting on you to finish.  (Isaiah 53:10) Jesus saw “His seed.”  Jesus focused on those He was saving to get to the cross and beyond.

3. Success is closer than you think.  (In Luke 22, Jesus prayed in the Garden and was strengthened by an angel.)  Your breakthrough may be just as close.

4. Think about your investments.  You’ve gone through 99 treatments and now you want to quit. One more could push you from sick to “on the mend!”  (Galatians 6:9)

5. You have what it takes to finish.  (Romans 8:11Phil. 4:13)   The One who led you to start is working through you to finish.  (Phil 1:5,6)   The Finisher lives in you!  (Hebrews 12:2)

6. Don’t give the Problem (cancer, grief, etc.) more credit than it deserves.  (Revelation 1:18Jesus has the keys!  In Job Chapters One and Two, the Devil has to get permission from God!)  Your Foe is not all powerful and is NOT in charge.

7. Fill your mind with the right thoughts of who YOU are!  (2 Cor. 10: Cast down incorrect thoughts; Rom. 12:1,2: Renew your mind; Pro. 23:7: You are who you think you are)  You are a conqueror, a king, a winner. (Romans 8:37Rev. 1:5,6)

8. Keep your competitive edge.  Satan wants to defeat you (destroy, divide, discourage, disease, death, disable, demote, devour, etc.)  Don’t let him win.  Stay in the game.  Catch your second wind.  (Luke 22:31)

9.  Don’t give in to small-mindedness. (Psalm 4:1)  David talks about God “enlarging” him when he was in “distress” (a tight, boxed in, limited, “squeezing me in” place).  You are bigger than what’s only a part of you… especially an invader.  And, God is way bigger!  (Ephesians 3:20)


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