June 24, 2012

Blind Bartimaeus
Bible Study, Sunday, June 24, 2012 (Mark 10:46-52 and Luke 18:35-43)

 1. He saw that he was blind, but not dis-abled.  He was not without ability.  There were things he could do.  In fact, he could do things that those without disabilities could not do.  Sometime the blind can hear better.  Heightened sense of smell.  They can read with their finger tips.  Don’t need light to read!

2. He saw the importance of doing what he could do to better his situation.  Saw he needed to help himself.

Knew an important principle: people are more likely to get on board a train that is already going somewhere than one that’s never moved!

Bart was already out there trying to get something going.

3. He saw the importance of humility.  Begging.  If you are not willing to start off on the bottom, you are not a very good candidate for being at the top.

4. He saw the importance of not being in the dark.  (Luke 18:36) He heard a commotion, a crowd, noise… and did everything he could to find out what was going on.  He found out Jesus was passing by and Who He was.

5.  He saw the importance of urgency and punctuality. (Mark 10:47) As soon as he saw opportunity, he acted!!!

6. He saw that there are many people who are embarrassed by your enthusiasm. Some people show their enthusiasm (like in a worship service the way some express their praise: clap, sing, dance, etc.) in ways different from you.  Their way is not your “cup of tea.”  But, if it’s not “out of order” (disruptive), let them drink their tea, as long as it’s not forced on others, or used as a means of judging spirituality.

7. Luke 18:39 He saw that people were happy with him until he wanted to succeed. (Luke 18:39)  He is rebuked by those “before” (in front or ahead of) him.  As long as he was in his place, on the sidelines, on the ground, out of the way… not equal with us, or trying to get ahead of us… people were happy.

8. He saw that when he began want attention from God (Jesus), God began to pay attention to him.  (Mark 10:49)  We all have a will.  If I choose to fail, choose to not want God to help me, show me mercy, then it looks like Jesus will keep walking down the road and leave me on the sidelines.

9. He saw that God can take those who want to hold you back and keep you down, and make them be tools for your success and progress.  Amen!

10. He saw that faith is rewarded. (Mark 10:50)  This garment was “government issued” so that he could legally beg.  It was like a permit.  Before Bart is ever healed, he throws the permit away!  He believes his vision, his sight, is on the way!

11. He saw Jesus acknowledge his will.  What do you want?

12.  He saw the importance of “faith talk” and positive confessions.  Who here has said “My allergies are really flaring up today?  “My arthritis, my obesity, my cold, my migraines….”  Why do we want to call them “ours?”  Why do you want to own them?  Are you planning on keeping them?

On the other hand, Bart called the possibility of seeing: “my sight.”

We need to start saying what we are believing:

My new job is on the way.  My raise, my new house, my ….

13. He saw that that God doesn’t patch, God makes whole!  Jesus did more than fix this man’s eyes.  He made Him whole.

14. He saw that it doesn’t take God long to do things! 


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