July 15, 2012

How Isaiah Found His Place
Bible Study, Sunday, July 15, 2012 (Isaiah 6)

Introduction: When you read Isaiah Chapter 5, you discover what kind of person the prophet Isaiah was in his past.  He was one who constantly said, “Woe is them.”  He was very negative and a fault finder.  He couldn’t see the good in anyone of anything.  (Proverbs 17:20)

Isaiah Chapter 6 gives us some things Isaiah did to find his way.  Maybe you can find some helpful suggestions.

1. Remove distractions. (v.1) Some scholars tell us that King Uzziah was Isaiah’s uncle.  In face, they say he was Isaiah’s favorite uncle.  Isaiah so loved Uncle Uzzie that it was borderline idolatry. Before Isaiah could find his place, Uncle Uzzie had to be put in the proper place in Isaiah’s life.  God actually removed Uzziah.  What is a major distraction in your life right now?

2. Focus on God. (v.1-4) Several things that are in this scripture give us some aid in what to focus on about God.  Examples: He is LORD (in control).  He is still in the throne.  He’s lifted up.  (Bigger than your current situation.)  What do you see in these verses about God that can help you as you meditate on Him?

3. Be honest with your self.  (v.5) Isaiah confessed some of his shortcomings.  “Woe is me” (Suggests grief and despair.  He was in a desperate situation.)  “Undone.” (Means he was “un” or “not” doing.  This word means “ceased,” “stopped,” or “dead.”) Isaiah also confessed unproductive relationships.

4. Quit fighting unnecessary battles.  (v.5) Isaiah uses the name “Lord of hosts.”  He is acknowledging God as the God of the angel armies.  He is acknowledging God as the One who is fighting his battles…. the right battles.

5. Let God remove and release you from whatever else might be hindering you.  (v.6,7)

6. Listen for opportunity. (v.8) Isaiah overheard a conversation that changed his life path.

7. Volunteer.  (v.8)  What if you started doing “for free” what you want to do as a career? What if you volunteer?

8. Don’t expect your path to be easy.  (v.9, 10)

9. Commit for the long haul. (v.11-13)

10. Be a problem solver, not a problem identifier. Someone said, “Everyone has been put on earth to solve a problem.”  Isaiah began as one who pointed out the faults of others.  He ended up as one who solved problems.

Don’t be the finger (pointing out faults); be the hand (giving solutions and offering help.)

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