July 1, 2012

Bible Study on the Centurion and His Servant 
Bible Study, Sunday, July 1, 2012 (Luke 7:1-10)

Religious people are notorious for constructing hoops for people to jump through to get God to act on their behalf for their benefit.

 Example:  We tell people they need to come to church to get answers.

 They need to go hear Bro. So-n-so thats coming to the auditorium for their miracle.

 Today’s text helps us in this regard.

1. We see an impossible situation. (v.1, 2)  The servant was about to die. He was in no condition to go anywhere.

2. The centurion took steps to get Jesus to act. (v.3)  It’s important that we are proactive in our problems.  Take the first step.

3. People thought it was “reasonable”  (that there were good reasons) for Jesus to help the centurion.  (v.4, 5)  Later in the story, we see these “reasons” didn’t matter.  It’s all grace: unmerited favor.

4. The centurion knew that Jesus did not have to come to his house to perform this miracle.  (v.6)  Not about a specific location.  Remember the story of Moses?  Take off your shoes.  This (wherever you are acknowledging the presence of God) is HOLY GROUND.

5. The centurion believed Jesus only had to say ONE word for his servant to be healed. (v.7, 8)  He believed Jesus could just give the order to sickness to “Leave!” or for healing to “Arrive!”

6. The centurion had faith.  (v.9)

7. The servant was healed. (v.10 )


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